Way of life collections

Tremolada is a reality that was born in Brianza over 50 years ago, over the years it has evolved and acquired new skills, without ever neglecting the fundamental principles of the artisan tradition, typical of the area.


Along the way, it has presented multiple lines of upholstered furniture and accessories, completely “tailor made”, characterized by original designs and undisputed quality. 

Today the company is led by Maurilio and Fabiano Tremolada, who in the name of family tradition, continue to pursue what are and have been the fundamental values of the generations that preceded them, commitment, passion and attention to customers. 


The high craftsmanship proposed by Tremolada passes through a careful supervision of all production processes, from the concept of a model to the construction aspects, maintaining constant attention on the choice and combination of innovative and high quality materials, without underestimating transport, delivery and after sales services. 


A company capable of providing you with a real tailored product, upholstered items full of personality and elegance, designed, cut and sewn on the needs of the customer, with a careful study of color and material combinations, objects that will be able to enhance the context that will host them.