A mix of tradition and innovation recognizable in Tremolada ‘s offerings. Forty years of experience for a family-run business that has been established since the 1990s under the name T.arredi in the design district of Monza and brianza on the outskirts of Milan.


Not a simple workshop for the production of sofas, but 1480 m2 of upholstered furniture company with total customization recognizable by the exclusive relaxation and a “handmade” design.


A real manufacturer from the skilled craftsmanship available to the designer, interior designer, architect, designer at the service of retailers, customers for a “tailor-made” treatment recognizable in exclusive furniture projects that bring the made in italy in the world

Tremolada has been able to make structural and technological innovations within its structure to keep up with the techniques of avant-garde production and create skills to meet the different types of production of upholstered furniture from classic to modern through contemporary combining production strength and image thanks to the ‘opening of the showroom inside the factory where you can admire, touch and try our production of special beds, special sofas, custom, complements of furniture exclusive to’ banner of “handmade” and the refinement of details.

Tremolada is the exclusive signature dedicated to total customization and “made-to-measure,” a brand strong in the service reserved for customers and the satisfaction of their needs, thanks to the family know-how through production collaboration with upholsterers and seamstresses and the ‘investment in a photographic portfolio of the standard production offer.


Not just an exhibition but a concept store

Our store represents 550 m2 of handcrafted designer upholstered furniture, connected to our production of custom-made sofas, in the town of Cabiate in the province of Monza-Brianza, a few kilometers from the center of Milan. Not just a simple exhibition but a concept store where you can live the real experience of “tailor-made” and witness the original “handmade” by Tremolada.


Our showroom boasts a ‘wide range of designer service elements paired with our upholstered furniture that complete the ‘offer to best furnish your custom spaces. We offer free advice in coordinating all the essential accessories to make the most of our offerings, from rugs to lamps to trays, discover the details that make a difference and let us guide you on how to coordinate them.


Tremolada style sofas, beds, armchairs, ottomans and furniture complements are waiting for you in our store, to touch and personally experience the handmade product in our production, we are the manufacturer of exclusive relaxation. 1320 possible combinations from our textile collection including leather, velvet and technobuk that can be coordinated to the profile you prefer and the type of padding that best suits your needs.


Total customization for your “handmade” and made-to-measure product, inspired by our portfolio of special beds and distinctive sofas coordinated with exclusive accessories and paired with Tremolada-style armchairs. Come discover our sofas with island from the ‘exclusive relaxation, become the designer of your upholstery and get help from the designer to create an exclusive relaxation.