Knowledge of craftsmanship methods leading to the production of living rooms made with the criterion of “handmade,” with special attention to detail distinguished by the sartorial work of our upholsterers.
All this makes it possible to be able to meet each individual requirement, of various finishes, or material choices by customers. From hand drawing to the ‘use of 3d drawings we are the right manufacturing partner for the production of custom beds and special sofas.


Special care is given to the variety of materials all of excellent quality used for the upholstery of our products, the ‘wide choice of our textile collection or leathers.


Choose one of the covers from our textile collection to dress up Our product handmade in brianza. From velvet to leather, our skill adapts to all materials. Our workmanship such as quilted embroidery is synonymous with great design skills. We offer fixed or removable solutions to meet all needs. We are the ‘artisan of your upholstery.


Our mission is to make long-lasting designer upholstered furniture with absolute comfort. Thanks to our total customization, from industrial design or hand drawing, our designs furnish homes or public spaces. We are your trusted producer.


Beginning with the rigor of design, the study of design, the ‘use of quality materials, the skill of artisans from Brianza are fundamental to the production of our special beds and special sofas Choose or create your own model of upholstery and buy it directly from the manufacturer. Custom-made beds and custom-made sofas to furnish private or public spaces, to be selected from our portfolio and custom-made for you. We put our skills in the service of the client to execute exclusive customized projects through our craftsmanship.

Not just an artisan store but a producer of quality padding. Innovation and tradition come together to create our portfolio of unique collections.


Capability in the realization of the individual product, following historical manufacturing traditions of made in italy recognized all over the world. From your idea to the realized project, become the designer, thanks to our tailor-made production for you. We make use of current tools to realize our production of upholstered, modern, classic and contemporary from ‘exclusive relaxation.


Our sartorial upholstery is available to meet the ‘needs of customers. Our solid wood or plywood drums provide greater durability; seats made with the ‘application of woven straps and the addition of hand-tied steel springs for the more classic models provide excellent springiness and total comfort.